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Fantaisie Florale
Marie Françoise Déprez

120 pages, 135 absolutly new compositions integrated with zipper, buttons,
carbon fiber, air curler !
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Green Manipulations
Marie Françoise Déprez

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Jeux de Fleurs
Marie Françoise Déprez

Available again !
140 so creative photos
About MF lessons atmosphere!
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36 €

Floral Love
Marie Françoise Déprez

New book, a blockbuster.
120 pages, 135 compositions
So many emotions !
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36 €

Passion Florale
Marie Françoise Déprez

Livre d' art floral Passion Florale Marie Françoise DEPREZ

The first book of MF
120 pages, 104 compositions
Must see !
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36 €

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Table Design
Marie Françoise Déprez

Livre d' art floral Table Design Marie Françoise DEPREZ

Table and bufet arrangements. Secrets and tricks...
120 pages, 90 compositions,
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39 €

Beyond Imagination
Stef Adriaenssens

120 pages, 110 compositions
A well known artist ...

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45 €

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Note Book Jeux de Fleurs N°2    Wedding

Par MF Déprez
Wedding, sparkling ideas ...
28 pages so creative !

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15 €

Note book Jeux de Fleurs
   Dreams of Christmas

Par MF Déprez
Demonstartion and workshop given by MF Déprez, SNHF, Paris 2010.
70 photos, 16 pages
15 €

Concours international
Floralies 2006

Livre d' art floral Floralies Marie Françoise DEPREZ

CD with the pictures of all the arrangements, and Stef Adriaenssens 's demonstration

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15 €

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